NutriPid is our Umbrella brand having derived its origin from NUTRItional liPIDs.decades now.

Nutripid TG100: The biggest challenge facing the high producing dairy animal today is balancing energy. Proper supplementation of energy prevents catabolism of body energy and fall in health/ immune status of the animal- thereby improving the milk yield and preventing diseases like Ketosis often seen in producing animals. For the dairy farmer it is critical to meet the energy demand of the entire herd which is difficult to provide through uniform common feed. Energy can be balanced through top dressing. At such situations palatability becomes equally important. Nutripid TG100 is ideally suited to meet these requirements.

Nutripid ET500: Energy is integral to the nutritional requirement for growing poultry and livestock and a deficiency will adversely influence growth, development and reproductive performance of male and female of both species. Inclusion of a fat supplement, either in liquid or in powder form has now become a standard practice without exception.However it is critical to meet energy demand of the entire flock or herd. It cannot be provided through uniform common feed. Every animal, depending upon genetics need energy which needs to be balanced through top dressing. At such situation digestibility & dry easy handling fat becomes a very useful tool to address that requirement.

Nutripid PL Pure: It is an effective biosurfactant that combines the emulsifying activity of the phospholipids together with providing excellent nutrition to the growing animal..

It ensures an excellent digestibility of fat and availability of energy as it acts as a natural emulsifier. It also improves the digestibility of the other nutrients in the feed and promotes the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins. Besides its emulsifying activity, it has the following advantages:
• Favours the pancreatic, billiard and intestinal secretions.
• Improves the digestibility of the feed.
• Prevents and controls the hepatic overloading that derivates in fatty liver.
• Improves the productive performance of the animals.

Nutripid MGL: Nutripid MGL is a liquid Fat solution for MonoGastrics such as Pig & Poultry.. It is a blend of virgin vegetable oils with emulsifiers and phospholipids to ensure digestion within a short time and absorption. The fatty acids have been chosen keeping in mind the specific demand of monogastrics and it offers far better digestibility for monogastric animals than conventional oils. Nutripid MGL is a stabilized ready to use product and can be used without additional emulsifiers.

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